Creative, Developer, Technologist


I am studying HCI, AI, Computer Vision, and NLP at Princeton. I love branding, design, and art. If you want to collaborate, please reach out!


I am majoring in Computer Science with a certificate in Cognitive Science at Princeton University. I have completed internships at a small AdTech firm delivering hyper-local ads, a Mid-sized FinTech unicorn offering Small Business Loans, and a large enterprise tech company working to empower everyone on the planet. I am interested especially in the intersection of spatial computing and media, as well as applications of large scale Computer Vision and NLP for analyzing market conditions.

I balance my work in technology with personal creative work, like graphic design, branding, and media production. I co-founded a digital media agency in 2017 with my freshman roommate so that I could formally work with some of our larger clients. We’ve developed digital content and strategy for lawyers, hedge funds, fitness brands, biotech startups, and even government organizations.

My approach—no matter the medium—is to systemize everything that I do so that I can focus my mental energy on improving, measuring, and iterating. I apply this strategy to my creative work as well as the business strategy and technology side of my work.

If you’re interested in working with me on a project, hiring me for a job, or just want to talk about AI, art, or anything please feel free to reach out below.